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Welcome to Volume I of 
Overworld Adventures!

This supplement for DURF wants to support GMs in running their party‘s expeditions, adventures and encounters at the overworld. It was made as a submission for the DURF Jam 2022. It uses illustrations under CC-BY 4.0 from Emiel Boven's Art Gallery and Mat Rodgers' RPG MAP Assets

Is this about hexcrawls?

Absolutely not. Or absolutely yes. As you wish. Everything herein can be used as is with no need for hexes. If you are specifically searching for hexcrawl rules, please have a look at the DURF hexcrawl pamphlet ZURF and its hexcrawl toolkit.

Why Vol. I? Is there more?

Hopefully, yes. This module may be the first in a small line of expansions for DURF, as there are a lot of places, terrains and zones to cover, but for now, this is it. 

This work is still "in development". It will include the first biom, the Swamplands, and some of the encounters, peculiarities and people therein.  


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Hi, is this licensed under CC?

Yes, it is licensed under CC-BY 4.0!


Thanks for the quick reply (and for the excellent supplement) <3

I was wondering what is the display font you have used?

It is a font called Freckle Face and it's available at Google Fonts under the Open Font License:

Frecke Face